Mission: Opsulent


Amply or plentifully provided ops or fashioned often to the point of opstentation (see opstentation)


ops·​u·​lent | \ ˈä-pz-yə-lənt \

I've seen a fair amount of companies of varying sizes on their journey to the likes of success that are touted from the mountain tops of tech giants. I read a lot about my field and compare with my daily experience in a feedback loop of reflection, introspection and contempation. Companies are missing something on their journey to DevOps and ultimately SRE, largely that they adopt these new departments or teams as siloed ones which contradicts the sole purpose of these fields. Part of my mission is to help bring out the ways to succeed in both of these fields. The other part is to actually share the skills, thought process, tooling, methods and pitfalls of each of these. I also want to help you keep your head above water with all this hype going around.

Whoever you are, a decision maker intrigued by SRE and DevOps, an aspiring SRE, a software engineer looking to know more or someone with no experience and a free hour surfing the web you're all the same to me! I'm going to take you through the journey. Throughout the opsulent site, you'll find a lot of refernces and real examples of DevOps and SRE work. The purpose of such finite cases is to help de-stratify what exactly SRE and DevOps are supposed to do.

The success in your journey is as much as it is mine. Opsulent was created out of the need for a larger canonical, opinionated set of concepts, definitions, experiences, use cases and tools to improve the community overall. This is a place of accessible success.